ForeFlight for Business Aviation

In 2007, ForeFlight started our journey to revolutionize the pilot’s flight bag and make mobile devices essential to flight operations. In 2016, we continued our history of innovation by expanding beyond our mobile offerings with web based flight planning tools specifically designed for business aviation operators. Today, we offer the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the modern business flight operation.

ForeFlight by the Numbers

For more than 15 years we've been building the most innovative solutions in the aviation industry. We take pride in helping our business aviation customers operate more efficiently and collaboratively.


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ForeFlight Business Aviation Team

Tim Schuetze
Chief Executive Officer

Tim is a software company executive who loves to fly planes on the side. He is instrument rated and enjoys cross country flying to family events.

Henrik Hansen
Chief Technology Officer

Henrik joined ForeFlight through the Aviation Cloud acquisition in 2016 and thrives on solving the most complex aviation technology challenges.

Kevin Sutterfield
Chief Revenue Officer

Kevin leads the combined ForeFlight-Jeppesen sales team for business aviation. He's a former F-22 pilot and actively flies P-51s for the CAF.

Kim Lantz
Head of Flight Planning

Kim is an innovative and creative thought leader in aviation software with a passion for how technology can transform businesses and processes.

Alex Smythers
VP, Business Development

Alex leads the company through partnership development, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic planning.

James Decker
VP, Marketing

James is an experienced software marketer, US Air Force veteran and private pilot with a passion for everything aviation.

Matt Croydon
VP, Operations and Data

Matt has deep knowledge in software engineering, data processing and operations and has been an aviation enthusiast since he was a kid.

Mike Bishop
Director, Trip Support

Mike enjoys customer centric roles that blend social intelligence, relationship building, business acumen and team development.

Robin Stotz
VP, Customer Support

Robin joined ForeFlight in 2016 after an aviation career in the military and leads our “fanatical” pilot support teams.

Nick Downing
VP of Platform Engineering

Nick is a passionate developer and spent the last decade building scalable web services in AWS using Java, Python, and Ruby.

Ryan McBride
Head of Community

Ryan is an aerospace leader and pilot with over a decade of experience solving complex aerospace problems through user centered design.

Kelsey Pittman
Director of Product, BA

Kelsey is a licensed aircraft dispatcher and commercial rated pilot with a degree in Aviation Management and a master's in Safety Science from ERAU.

Jay Wiles
Media Relations Specialist

Jay came to ForeFlight after a career in the news industry and media relations but is a lifelong aviation enthusiast and a student pilot.‍

Simpson Bennett
Product Marketing Manager

Simpson has diverse experience marketing and product management roles within the aviation industry and is an avid pilot.

Alex Montgomery
Product Manager, Commerce

Alex is an experienced designer with an intense focus on usability, user experience and problem solving.

We're hiring!

At ForeFlight, we know you want a rewarding career. You need challenging projects, a good work environment, and awesome coworkers to do that. We believe in our employees, and we empower them to make a direct impact on our products and messaging. Because we understand what our staff need, we offer an excellent benefits package, have a low turnover rate, our employees become brand ambassadors, and we are a premier leader in the aviation industry.