Seamless and intelligent flight tracking

ForeFlight Tracking integrates live flight status and progress information in Dispatch, both in a map-based view and within the Flights tab. This combination of flight planning and monitoring in one place empowers you to anticipate and respond to adverse factors such as weather, so you can proactively mitigate scheduled impacts before they happen.

Smartly integrated into ForeFlight Dispatch

Monitor the status of current flights while planning for those in the future. Tracking alleviates the need to navigate to another service by keeping the most critical information easily accessible in ForeFlight Dispatch, empowering flight operations staff with a fleet-wide status at a glance.

Increased operational visibility

ForeFlight Tracking provides flight planners with real-time flight status and progress information in Dispatch, enhancing operational visibility into current flights to inform future plans.

By providing flight tracking information within the flight tab—and through a dedicated map view—schedulers and dispatchers can launch, track, and close flights all within one platform.

Real-time flight tracking details

Flight operation leaders can quickly identify and mitigate delays and disruptions with map and profile views. The tracking map overlays flight plan routes with weather radar, comparing what the aircraft flew to what was planned.

The profile view adds further dimension, displaying groundspeed and altitude as charts to identify discrepancies in speed or altitude quickly.

Subscription plans suited to your operation

Choose from two subscription levels designed to suit your requirements and the areas in which you operate. Standard Tracking utilizes the terrestrial-based ADS-B network to provide you with a cost-effective option for tracking flights. For operations beyond the ADS-B ground network, the Enhanced Tracking subscription utilizes space-based ADS-B to ensure worldwide coverage.

Standard Coverage

A cost-effective flight tracking solution for those operators that fly within range of the ADS-B ground stations. Supports operators with blocked tail numbers.

Tracking Sources
Ground-based ADS-B
Satellite-based ADS-B

Enhanced Coverage

Seamless coverage for operators with flights over oceans or other remote areas. Supports operators with blocked tail numbers.

Tracking Sources
Ground-based ADS-B
Satellite-based ADS-B

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