Ensuring the safety of your flight has never been easier

With ForeFlight's Dynamic Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance, you can streamline your flight planning process, make reliable decisions in the air and improve flight safety.

Utilizing data already entered in your workflow in addition to real-time information, your pilots get usable and essential information they need for optimal aeronautical decision-making.

Dynamic Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance

The next generation of aircraft performance number crunching


All aircraft models available are built entirely from OEM-provided data in accordance with AFM guidelines.


ForeFlight’s sophisticated performance engine handles all the number crunching so you can focus on flying and decision making.


Deeply integrated into your flight planning workflow and ForeFlight Mobile reduces data entry.

Take off with confidence

Begin your takeoff roll with the assurance that you will have ample runway length, the ability to clear obstacles, and a well-prepared plan to handle any potential emergencies that may arise during the flight.

Flexjet saw 10% increase in performance

Learn how Flexjet saw game changing results with ForeFlight runway analysis

Spot on Landings

Avoid runway excursions and overruns during landings by being spot on with your calculations. Easy-to-use and highly automated, we make it easy to

Easy Scenario Planning

Rest easy when plans or conditions change

ForeFlight automatically pulls weather data from the most recent METAR, TAF, MOS, or general forecast at each airport to dial in performance calculations, and all environmental factors are user-editable for easy customization.

Run Scenarios

See how your takeoff margins respond to a 10° OAT rise, or check climb performance from a balked landing in icing conditions.

Visualize the Change

View, share, and save a detailed breakdown of you analysis to assist with scenario planning and record-keeping.


Find answers to common questions about our dynamic runway analysis and integrated weight & balance.

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