ForeFlight Launches Group Pricing and Backup Device Subscriptions

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Today we're announcing new individual and group pricing plans for ForeFlight HD. The new plans include an option for adding a backup device and an entire lineup of plans for customers that need subscriptions for between five and one hundred concurrent users.Individual pilots, flying clubs, flight schools, corporate flight departments, government agencies, charter operators, and major airlines are adopting tablet computers, such as the iPad, at an eye-popping rate. It was clear that in order to meet demand, ForeFlight customers needed two things: simple pricing for a single airplane carrying two tablet computers, and simple pricing and management of multi-user ForeFlight subscriptions. So, we built a system that makes the process of obtaining either of these options really, really easy. You can start with a five-device plan, easily upgrade to a ten- or twenty-device plan, and our system automatically handles pro-rating the unused balances and expands the customer license instantly - all done over the web with self-service tools.Pick up licenses for up to 25 devices directly from We've also grown quite a bit over the past few months. With that growth comes more questions and comments from current and future customers. Eric Hake has joined ForeFlight full time as Group Sales and Customer Support Manager to help manage the load. The ForeFlight experience includes fast, friendly, fanatical customer service. Eric makes that experience possible, and we are happy to have him aboard. His years of professional flying and instructing as a CFI, CFII, and MEI bring a level of wisdom and perspective that is key to running a successful customer support operation in the aviation industry.Read our official press release here.