ForeFlight Integrations

ForeFlight Dispatch’s API allows integration with a broad range of systems to enhance your entire operation. Learn more about our API by reviewing the API documentation and the API release history.

API Documentation

In today's interconnected digital landscape, robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) serve as the backbone for facilitating smooth interactions between diverse systems and applications. The ForeFlight Dispatch API allows for customers integrate with scheduling software, flight service providers, and other systems to enhance your entire operation.


Dispatch automatically ingests newly-scheduled flights from your crew scheduling system as flight plans, complete with all relevant information your flight planners need to start working on the flight right away. Plus, Dispatch feeds performance calculations and flight documents back into your scheduling system to inform future planning and keep everyone on the same page.


Flexibly integrate Dispatch with safety management systems, flight risk, and assessment tools to automatically sync flight plans, navlogs, and other data.


Flexibly integrate ForeFlight Dispatch with your existing tools and services to leverage its next-generation flight planning engine and enhance your operation.

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