A Year of Continuous Innovation with ForeFlight

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As we approach the close of 2023, I am delighted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible year we've had at ForeFlight. It has been a year of innovation, growth, and dedication to providing you, our valued customers, with industry-leading tools for more streamlined flight operations. Let's take a moment to revisit some of the standout features from the past year that were designed with your needs and preferences in mind.

Monthly Enhancements for ForeFlight Mobile and Dispatch

Throughout the past year, we continued our established practice of a monthly release cycle for both ForeFlight Mobile and Dispatch. This ongoing cadence underscores our commitment to consistent improvement, ensuring ForeFlight evolves alongside the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Active Navlog and Oceanic Plotting

We introduced Active Navlog earlier this year and built on its success by introducing the highly anticipated Oceanic Plotting capabilities. This innovative combination transforms navigation logging in ForeFlight Mobile, offering a paperless experience with time-saving automations. Active Navlog seamlessly integrates with ForeFlight Dispatch, providing an efficient all-in-one solution for flight logging and archiving.

Runway Analysis: Tailored Precision for Over 200 Supported Aircraft

In 2023, we expanded our Runway Analysis capabilities to support over 200 aircraft types. Recognizing the unique characteristics of each aircraft, our commitment to incorporating a broad range ensures that you receive accurate and customized data, optimizing takeoff and landing performance.

Runway Analysis: Soar Higher with New Capabilities

Our dedication to providing unparalleled flight planning tools continues with the introduction of 3D Engine-Out Procedures (EOP). This enhancement takes Runway Analysis to the next level, allowing you to visualize and analyze engine-out scenarios in three dimensions—an invaluable tool for understanding emergency procedures and ensuring preparedness for every situation on and off the runway.

Additionally, we added Missed Approach Climb Requirements, ensuring your aircraft's performance meets climb criteria during a missed approach in your Landing Analysis. The new Intersection for Takeoff feature lets you choose a specific runway intersection for takeoff, automatically adjusting runway length in ForeFlight's Takeoff Analysis for increased accuracy.

More Flexible Weight & Balance Planning

In the last year, ForeFlight has refined its Weight & Balance feature alongside Runway Analysis with two key additions—Weight & Balance Envelope Curtailment and Ballast Fuel. Curtailment fine-tunes your planning for passenger weight variations, while Ballast Fuel ensures accurate Center of Gravity calculations for specific aircraft models.

Safety Takes Priority: Aircraft on Runway Alerts

In our pursuit of making aviation safer, we introduced Aircraft on Runway Alerts in our July release. This safety enhancement powered by any live ADS-B or FLARM traffic source provides critical alerts during final approach when an aircraft is present on your runway or approaching the runway you're currently on.

New Admin Capabilities

Efficiency in managing your operations received a boost with ForeFlight's new administrative capabilities for Business.These new capabilities include enhanced user role management, security notifications, device filters, aircraft improvements, tail transaction history, and more! Empowering administrators with tools that streamline communication, enhance workflow, and contribute to overall operational success, these features are designed to make your day-to-day operations smoother, keeping you in control.

CloudAhoy Acquisition and Flight Data Analysis

In April, we responded to your desire for more integrated digital solutions by acquiring CloudAhoy and their exciting new Flight Data Analysis product (formerly known as P-FOQA). This strategic move strengthened ForeFlight's data analytics tools and services, unlocking the power of FOQA and FDM for light aircraft operators in Business and General Aviation. Flight Data Analysis now provides fleet-wide insights and immediate feedback to pilots.

Fleet Tracking: Real-Time Insights for Optimal Operations

Announced this year and set to launch early next year, one of our standout features is the introduction of Fleet Tracking. In the dynamic world of business aviation, having real-time insights into the status and location of your entire fleet is invaluable. ForeFlight's fleet tracking product allows you to stay connected and make informed decisions, optimizing your operations and contributing to overall efficiency.

As we look back on these milestones, we want to express our gratitude for choosing ForeFlight as your trusted aviation companion. Your feedback and trust drive our commitment to innovation, and we're excited to continue this journey together. Here's to a year of smooth flights, enhanced safety, and continued success with ForeFlight at your fingertips.

Henrik Hansen
Vice President, Business Aviation

Henrik Hansen joined ForeFlight in 2016 when the company he co-founded in 2012, AviationCloud, was acquired by the organization. Henrik thrives on constructing products that adeptly and intuitively address complex challenges, aiming to streamline and expedite flight planning for all. Before joining ForeFlight, he served as the head of the engineering team at a prominent European aviation software company. Henrik holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark.